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Cottage Farm
Cottage Farm Neighborhood Association
Brookline, Massachusetts
Beacon St. Sewer Work, 2012
The meeting was led by the project consultant engineer, with some comments by Brookline DPW Commissioner Andrew Pappastergion. They established at the outset that the meeting was to discuss this year's work in the Monmouth/Carlton area. A later meeting would be set up to discuss work north of Beacon Street. There may be an additional meeting for the Beacon St. Corridor work. Mitigation and support for Beacon Street businesses affected by the work is being dealt with by the planning staff in separate meetings.

Among the main points:
  • They expect substantial completion of the Monmouth/Carlton work by the end of September, though some cleanup paving and sidewalk work may continue into October or later.
  • The current work installing shallow pipes and catch basins on Monmouth Street will include the east side of Monmouth Court and should be done by the end of April.
  • They will then construct "Structure 1" at St. Mary's and Monmouth St. which will connect the sewer bored under Monmouth Street last year to the main line through Boston. The work will require a pit that will close this intersection from May to mid-July.(See slide 10 on attached). Traffic into and out of Monmouth Street and Monmouth Court will be via Carlton Street during this period.
  • On its completion they will commence Structure 2, the connection of the main line from Brookline to the western end of the Monmouth Street sewer. It will require a pit that will close the Carlton Street intersection from mid-July to late September. Traffic to and from Monmouth Street and Monmouth Court will be via St. Mary's Street.
  • While the Carlton/Monmouth Street intersection is closed, Route 1 traffic to the BU Bridge will be diverted to Hawes Street. Variable message signs will be placed on the Riverway saying that Carlton Street is closed to through traffic and suggesting that drivers continue past Longwood Ave. to Park Drive. They will also have police officers to direct traffic. They do not anticipate that DCR's reconstruction of the Riverway connection with Park Drive to begin until the fall, if then. There does not appear to be active conversation between the Town and DCR to ensure the two jobs do not conflict.
  • As underground work is completed, streets will be resurfaced from curb to curb and sidewalks reconstructed to their former standard between August and October.
  • Although not addressed in the meeting, the attached material indicates that substantial work will be done to restore Beacon Street this year. The Commissioner restated to one of your town meeting members the town's commitment to relocate the traffic control box from the corner of St. Mary's and Beacon Street to the island across the street as part of that work.

With regard to construction management:
  • Work hours will be from 7 to 5 in this area.
  • Contractors will store on Monmouth Street only the pipes and materials that are needed for each element of construction. Nothing will be stored there for work elsewhere. Less equipment will be required than that entailed in last summer's bored tunnel. There will be no cranes. One side of Monmouth Court should be open at all times.
  • There should be notice in advance when an area will be blocked. Meeting participants pointed out access driveways that should not be blocked without prior consultation with affected residents and arrangements on timing.
  • Some neighbors complained about vibrations and cracking and the potential that building foundations would be weakened by a drop in the water table. The consultant said they were unaware of vibration issues and that they monitor the water table to insure that it does not drop significantly. One neighbor asked if the Town would hire an independent engineer to insure that the impacts on the neighborhood were monitored and mitigated. The Commissioner said he would not. Neighbors were advised to contact Bill Smith of the engineering department (617-264-6480) to register concerns or complaints.
  • The consultant said that they were aware that some contractors had not observed the prohibition of workers parking in the neighborhood and that those contractors would not be returning.
  • With regard to sidewalk reconstruction, the construction team photographed the sidewalks before work began. While MWRA will reimburse the town only for sidewalks damaged by the construction, the town expects to be liberal about it, perhaps using town funds where required. After being pushed on the point by one of your town meeting representatives, the Commissioner agree to set up a walk-around with neighbors to identify needed repairs.

  • Given the potential impact of the reconstruction of Beacon Street roadways and sidewalks on neighbors and businesses, we will request that the Commissioner schedule a meeting in the near future to discuss the work. Neighbors are encouraged to reinforce this request.
  • We will also advocate that a meeting be set up to address work north of Beacon Street.
  • Residents should note sidewalks and driveways that need to be repaired and plan to participate in the walk-around, which we will notify you of, or forward your notes to Sean Lynn-Jones or Dick Garver if they cannot.