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Cottage Farm
Cottage Farm Neighborhood Association
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Welcome to the web site of the Cottage Farm Neighborhood Association. Our mission is to keep our neighbors abreast of current events and developments in the neighborhood, to detail some of our history, and to provide links to helpful resources.
Current Events & News

Beacon Street Sewer Work, April 2012
The meeting was led by the project consultant engineer, with some comments by Brookline DPW Commissioner Andrew Pappastergion. They established at the outset that the meeting was to discuss this year's work in the Monmouth/Carlton area. A later meeting would be set up to discuss work north of Beacon Street. There may be an additional meeting for the Beacon St. Corridor work. Mitigation and support for Beacon Street businesses affected by the work is being dealt with by the planning staff in separate meetings.

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Traffic calming policy
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The current design and character of Cottage Farm can be traced to Amos A. Lawrence, his brother William, and the wealthy businessman who sold them 200 acres of land north of Beacon St. in 1850, David Sears. It was Sears who had purchased 500 acres of land for his family and friends in the present day Longwood and Cottage Farm areas when the construction of the Mill Dam Road connected Boston with Brookline in 1821. Sears laid out Mason and Knyvet squares following the European model of houses lining and facing the open spaces.

Board of Directors
Fran Moyer
Dan Doherty
Deborah Raptopoulos
Susan DeLong
Corresponding Secretary:
Jerry Katz
Recording Secretary:
Louise Olafsson
At-large Board Members:
Sarah Ericsson, Paul Healy, Katherine Ingraham, Anna Kanarek, Andy Moulton, Sarah Sheldon, Susan Williams
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State senator: Cynthia Creem,
State representative: Michael Moran,
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